Be a man of action and fundraise your way for MANDATE

"Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought." Henri Bergson.

You are a man, when you see a need you take action! The need is great and we need you to do something in the fight against prostate cancer!

You may not consider yourself a lifesaver like doctor, nurse or researcher, but you are! Because you are helping us give some of our greatest minds access to crucial funds to enable them to continue to provide the best possible health care for people facing prostate cancer in their greatest time of need.

How will you fundraise for MANDATE?

You can do almost anything to fundraise for prostate cancer research, here's a few easy ideas below.

Shave/Colour Day

Rustle up a bunch of mates and get creative Do you or a friend have an impressive beard, curly golden locks or the perfect hair? Organise a friend or maybe even the local hair dresser to donate their time to shave or dye your beard, mustache or hair and show the world you are making a difference to life saving research for Men's health!

Socks & Jocks
Have a pair of favourite snazzy sock or jocks you love to wear? Set a target and get your family, friends, local sports club etc. to sponsor you to bravely wear them on the outside for a day. No doubt this will turn heads and spark up conversation to help you raise awareness for Men's Health issues.

Games Night
Get together a bunch of mates and throw a games night with donation required for participation, with prizes up for grabs! Play some card games, darts, pool, trivia, have a footy match, PlayStation or Xbox. You could also play the games in teams in a circuit where the winners are the team who win most rounds.

Cut the Grass
Explain to your family, neighbours, work colleagues & friends that you are fundraising for MANDATE and offer your services to cut their grass for a fee. They will be happy to support you, knowing that the fee will support the cause.

What will I get?

We'll send you a fundraising kit which includes a fundraising manual, posters, and other goodies. When you register you'll get your own fundraising page which makes it easy to ask your friends for support by sharing the link on social media and by email. The good news is you're not alone, we're here to support you along the way. We'll connect you with a personal fundraising coach who can answer all your questions.