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ANDATE - A PA Hospital Campus Men's Health Initiative.

TRI Clinical Trials Prostate CancerTranslational Research at the PA Hospital Campus

Every day our scientists, doctors and nurses are building bridges – they're not structures that cross rivers or skyways between buildings, they are links from a microscope to our hospital beds. Links that save lives. Our health researchers are visionaries and too have "superstructure" dreams.

Their dreams have become a reality with the opening of the PA Centre for Clinical Research Trials; a centre where new health discoveries can be tested in Man. The first of its kind in Australia and one recognised worldwide for global scientific breakthroughs.

This facility will develop state-of-the-art diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic discoveries to advance the understanding of serious health issues and disease. A place where clinical researchers can utilise all their skills examining disease causes, effects on the body and the development of new drugs and treatments to fight disease under careful watch.

First-in-human clinical trials take place here – the emphasis is on diseases of high public health impact like; heart disease, prostate cancer, cancers and diabetes which are the main health issues facing the men of Australia.

Help us fund crucial prostate cancer projects at the PA Hospital Campus - this site accelerates research outcomes directly to the patient and community. It might just save the life of a male that you know and love.

Daily our doctors save lives. Hundreds, thousands of lives. And while they are doing that, they are also contributing to research whenever they can. Sadly, more often than not, they fall short where funds aren't available to do this clinical research which ends up seeing life-saving ideas taking a back seat.

Without funds from people like you and our community to progress prostate cancer research into this facility, global breakthroughs like the cervical cancer vaccine, developed at the PA Hospital Campus might not ever see the light of day.

The MANDATE movement is campaigning for the health of all men across Australia and urgently needs your support to fund men's health research projects - especially prostate cancer projects - these funds will give us the manpower to get the clinical trials off the ground and translate to better health.

The power is in our hands – in your hands. We have the building, we have hundreds of patients prepared to volunteer their disease, so you and your loved ones don't have to suffer. We now need the funding to help us get positive outcomes sooner than later.

Join the MANDATE movement and make a donation to support the funding of prostate cancer research at this remarkable Australian landmark.