Men's Health Appeal


The PA Research Foundation is campaigning to get men to muscle up and lift their game on men's health and raise funds

We're campaigning to find better diagnosis, treatment and prevention's to serious health concerns facing Australian males – at the home to the discovery of the world's first cancer vaccine and the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre.

Unfortunately men are losing the battle;

  • More men die from Prostate Cancer than women from Breast Cancer
  • 1 in 2 Australian men will be diagnosed with cancer
  • Life expectancy is 6 years less than women
  • 5 preventable male deaths occur every hour
  • 8,000 more men that women die each year due to preventable causes and disease
  • 1 in 9 Australian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer

The good news is that we can all be a part of making a real difference to these statistics by raising awareness about men's health and funds for cutting edge research.

The Initiative seeks to work hand in hand with people like you and our corporate partners to fund life-saving health research at the PA campus. The PA campus is an Australian first research facility that will exponentially speed up research outcomes to produce better treatments and preventives which will ultimately save lives and improve the health and lifespan of Australian men. The PA campus is the missing link in Australian research and one that will produce outcomes that will be recognised worldwide for global scientific breakthroughs.

First-in-human clinical trials will take place here – the emphasis is on diseases of high public health impact like; heart disease, prostate cancer and diabetes which are some of the main health issues facing the men of Australia.

Help us funds life-saving prostate cancer research projects in this purpose built centre, which will exponentially advance research outcomes directly to the patient and community. It might just save the life of a male that you may know and love.

Click here to read about how this facility will advance men's health outcomes.

How Your Funds Help Stop Prostate Cancer

The power is in our hands – in your hands. Join the MANDATE movement and make a donation to men's health research it may just save the life of someone you know and love.

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