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Professor Nelson's expertise is in translational prostate cancer research, specifically in identification of potential therapeutic targets, there in vitro and in vivo validation, clinical validation through molecular pathology approaches, and their translation into potential clinical application.

These outcomes are derived from her expertise in high throughput applications in microarray gene expression, gene regulation, animal models, prostate cancer, steroid hormones, molecular endocrinology, and targeted therapeutics.

Prof Nelson has long studied androgen action and the effects of androgen deprivation and progression to castrate resistant prostate cancer. Her laboratory made the seminal discovery that castrate resistant prostate tumours can synthesize their own androgens de novo from cholesterol.

Recently, these findings have been extended to investigate the inter-relationships of androgen synthesis, prostate cancer progression, and metabolic syndrome.

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Prof Colleen Nelson (Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - QLD)

Research area: investigating the biological response to stereotactic radiation in oligometastatic prostate cancer in mouse intra-tibial human prostate cancer models.

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